Hair Care

Dandruff I

Dandruff afflicts half the world. So, what exactly is dandruff? Also known medically as Pityriasis simplex, dandruff is a near-physiological scaling of the scalp. In other words, it is an active end of normal scalp shedding. In a normal scalp, the skin undergoes regular maturity and the topmost layer is seen to contain only 3,700 …

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Hair Loss

Is Losing your hair making you lose your mind ? This slogan on the patient information brochure of Lutsine Anti Hair Loss Therapy is merely an echo of majority of people who suffer from hair loss. Hair has no vestige of vital function in man, yet its psychological function seems immeasurable! Hair is a cutaneous …

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Hair Removal

Hair Removal Hair is the most complex and baffling external structure in the Human Body. It grows where it is not welcome & refuses to grow where it is desperately needed. Hair is indeed a challenging problem. The function of hair is now purely cosmetic. Since times immemorable Man has been in quest of processes …

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Shampoo II

DOCTORING YOUR SHAMPOOS. Hair is a remarkably strong Keratin structure, whose function is purely ‘Decorative’ & ‘Cosmetic’. It has……..Colour ………Shape, ……..Chemical & Physical properties, But NO ESSENTIAL BIOLOGICAL FUNCTION & Definitely No UV ( Sun ) Filtration Properties . Hair is able to withstand numerous insults inflicted daily. Sun, wind, rain & heat can cause …

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Shampoo I

Shampoos constitute more than 50 per cent of the hair care and cleansing market and the estimated turnover worldwide is around $ 7 billion. So, what is a shampoo? It is essentially an aqueous mixture of detergents in varying concentrations and proportions. These detergents are either oil lovers or water lovers . The oil-loving component …

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Dandruff II

Are you sick of those little white flakes that litter your shoulders , especially when you wear dark clothes ? Are you envious when you see Pooja Batra’s or Ajay Jadeja’s gorgeous, shiny & clean tresses ? Do you always search the shelves for another Anti dandruff shampoo ? Don’t Panic ! DANDRUFF, an ubiquitous …

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