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A range of solutions to treat various skin conditions.


Vitiligo is a skin disorder wherein the pigment cells of the skin are destroyed in certain areas. This leads to white or depigmented patches of skin in any location of the body. Vitiligo can spread to even affect majority of the body surface. Some people develop a few spots that just lighten or in some they turn completely white. At times it also causes a patch of hair to turn white.

Research shows that the person’s immune system plays an important role, wherein the immune system mistakenly activates a type of white blood cell which initiates an attack and destroys our own cells.

We treat Vitiligo by trying to rebalance this immune system with mineral supplements, systemic medication and application of creams. Additionally we use Excimer Laser, Narrow UVB and Skin Grafting to initiate Regimentation and restore a normal skin appearance


Eczema is a common term to denote Skin Inflammation or Dermatitis which is the scientific term.

Dermatitis is classified as Atopic or Intrinsic and Extrinsic Dermatitis which is again sub classified as Allergic or irritant (contact).

It is also simplified for record purposes based on areas of the body involved e.g. Perioral, Periorbital, Facial, Hand dermatitis etc. The definition is simple but the causes are complex and numerous.

Eczemas require our expert medical advice, regular follow ups through multiple sessions and retailoring treatments sequentially to bring it under control. More than a diagnosis, it is the management of Eczema which is challenging and that’s where we medical dermatologists apply our in depth knowledge to guide and treat.

Warts & Molloscum removal

Warts and Molluscum Contagiosum are viral infections of the skin which are locally contagious. They do not breach the skins barrier hence there is very little in systemic medications to combat them.

Treatment involves Mechanical destruction of the lesions by either manual extraction or cauterisation by use of Chemical or Electrical modalities. Use of liquid nitrogen to freeze the lesions is used only in indicated cases.

Lasers treatment of warts is showing brilliant efficacy with minimal pain and scarring.

The lesions are seen as skin tumours, Molluscum are pearly white and warts as the name suggests are sometimes cauliflowerlike or even flat depending on the area affected. Treatments are trying at times for both the doctor and patient because of rapid seeding and spread. It requires multiple treatments and sometimes varied modalities. Immune boosters can be used to treat the condition as well.

The best route is to start treatments early and well in time to prevent spread and recurrence. Very rarely do they resolve by themselves especially in today’s day and age of stress and excesses. Multiple off the counter preparations are available but best should be used on palms and soles if at all.


Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune condition that causes the rapid build-up of skin cells. This build-up of cells causes scaling on the skin’s surface. Inflammation and redness around the scales is fairly common. Typical psoriatic scales are whitish-silver and develop in thick, red patches.

There are rare forms of Psoriasis that can be fatal because they affect the skins protective properties of fighting infection and Heat Regulation.

Psoriasis can be controlled not cured and medical treatment is needed as per individual assessment by a qualified dermatologists.

Progress in medicine has allowed for a multiple new therapies to reduce Morbidity Uvb therapies, Eexcimer Laser combined with medications. Topical, sometimes systemic and lifestyle guidelines are foundations towards bettering morbidity caused by Psoriasis.

Ear lobe repair & piercing

Repairing an ear lobe that has been damaged by extremely heavy jewellery can be done by visiting us. We surgically repair ear lobes under local anaesthesia in a sterile environment.

Ear piercing is done once the scar heals. We also do ear piercing for neonates, children and adults under local anaesthesia and in sterile conditions.

Minor Surgeries

These involve abscess drainage, excision biopsy, cyst removal and suturing lacerations. We also excise small skin tags, tumours and do scarless mole removal using radio surgical instruments. Radio surgery is also used to excise small skin cancer which we detect by use of a Derma scope.

Cyst Removal

Removal of sebaceous cyst, lipoma and dermoid cyst.

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