Hair Removal

Hair Removal

Hair is the most complex and baffling external structure in the Human Body.

It grows where it is not welcome & refuses to grow where it is desperately needed. Hair is indeed a challenging problem. The function of hair is now purely cosmetic.

Since times immemorable Man has been in quest of processes to rid superflous body hair. Hair removal in itself has undergone an evolution process , starting as, Shaving Epilation – waxing & plucking, Electrolysis Blend Method Ultrasound & then FINALLY THE LASER HAIR REMOVAL.

Electrolysis was a much touted process as being ‘permanent’ , but what is omitted to be told by most people is that a patient or client requires ‘ Multiple’ sittings which can well run into years. In addition electrolysis involves actual physical damage to the hair root which also involves damage to the skin which houses the hair root. Repeated & strong electrolysis can lead to scarring & puckering of the Skin, especially if done by inexperienced personnel.

Lasertrolysis came as a boon to Hirsuites. Laser involves permanent & selective destruction of the hair root in least no. of sittings with minimum of discomfort to the patients. Laser Hair Removal, in itself underwent a lot of research & changes over the years. The earlier Lasers involved application of certain substances to the skin prior to treatment. This was superseded by more sophisticated techniques & diff. Lasers. These too initially had restrictions regarding Skin Types that could be treated etc. The appearance of the Alexandrite laser has changed the face of Laser hair removal. Germany & America, the two giants in new technologies combined their efforts which has resulted in this new Laser. It acts by selectively destroying the Hair root without any burning & more importantly the light absorption spectrum of it is such that it has NO EFFECT on the Skin & Systemic Structures.

Years of research has shown no longterm side effects especially NO CANCEROUS effects at all. To be fair the only drawback is the cost of the treatment which is not affordable to all. But then again if you see the repeated spending for other treatments & the discomfort factor , in the long run it is probably cheaper. Also this laser is to be used by Medical Personnel only & hence involves an extensive training & experience factor .The laser can be used to safely remove hair from all parts of the body except the area closely surrounding the eye. Patient selection is strictly limited by preset guidelines.

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