Teenage is the age of all “growing pains”. Rightly said. At this age teenagers start shaping up their individuality and get more conscious of their looks. Peer pressure wants them to conform, but we can’t all be gorgeous, can we? So, make the best of what we have.

Use a proper cleanser suited for your skin type. Mornings use a sunblock that suits you. Here we have a plethora of them available, so pick one that best suits your skin and budget. At night either use a moisturiser that’s light or heavy as per your skin type or else a Tonic if your skin is very oily. The area around the eyes should be well moisturised because lines show here first.

Use sunglasses when outside, especially in this part of the world. Avoid long exposures to computers, weak light reading and eyestrain. Those dark circles will be minimized. Keep your hair and nails clean. Fashions withstanding, try as much as possible to avoid chemical usage on your hair and nails.

Drink plenty of water and have a healthy, balanced diet. Your hormones will remain steady and your skin will be well nutritioned.
I do not say don’t use make-up or don’t paint your nails and colour your hair Do it but in moderation. Use quality products and do not get carried away by fashion. Clean your make-up off well. Do not allow it to clog pores.

If you suffer from acne or dandruff do not ignore it. Parents should take stock of the changing times. Those days are gone when acne were allowed to subside with age. Today’s generation will never forgive you if they are left with scars or marks. I know treatments are a burden on our pockets but then what arc our priorities?

Natural remedies are fine if they work but in chronic or stubborn cases you should take medical help.
Skin care is a necessity for everyone, for both boys and girls. Use an exfoliant scrub or cleansing mask once a week. Acne masks if indicated.
Men are fussy when it comes to cream usage but here we get creams that are cosmetically superior so that they don’t show, smell nor do they cause any problems. Shaving creams and aftershaves should also be used with caution because there shouldn’t be rashes. Use good quality products and never hesitate to take a medical opinion if required.


At this age what we need to combat are pigmentation, acne, acne sears, rashes and “ageing” changes. As I mentioned earlier, use of a sunblock is a must. Do not get carried away with skincare products… remember we have about 16 waking hours a day so how much time do we have to keep cleansing or creaming our face? Use a good cleanser, tonic if necessary. Morning to evening the base should be a sunblock. Use make-up over it, that won’t be a problem. Choose a foundation if you wish or else use a dusting powder which is good enough.
In the evening, cleanse off the make-up and grime using a make-up remover. Eye make-up remover is a must for the delicate tissues around your eyes. Use a light or heavy moisturiser. If skin is oily, use a tonic cleanser for the skin and make sure you moisturise at least the lips and periorbital(eye) area at least.

Do not forget your hands when you apply sunblock. Also use body lotions for dry skins with special care for elbows and knees. A body scrub once a week with a professional oil massage is not only a stress buster but also good for the skin and circulation. Anti-cellulite oils and creams keep the skin looking better. The orange peel appearance is minimised.

Hair care is a separate issue. Use an appropriate shampoo and conditioner. Oil your scalp once a week for at least half an hour. It does the job like moisturising the skin.

Keep your nails clean and hands and feet well moisturised. Nail cuticles should not be damaged as you can get hand eczemas and nail infections. Use gloves (cotton lined) whenever you wash the dishes or do heavy cleaning work.

Our grandmother too spent minutes prior to bedtime, massaging our hands and feet to keep them young looking and supple.

If you suffer from acne, dandruff or any skin disease please go to your dermatologist. Don’t put it off. It may be expensive but then it’s your appearance afterall.

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