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Air Supply

Wearing perfume is not just about personal hygiene but is a public issue too. Fragrances significantly contribute to our individuality, self-esteem and personal hygiene. Today they have become an indispensable part of our lives. The fascination with scents has resulted in a multitude of scented personal products in the market like cosmetics, lotions, soaps, oils …

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The Vein Train

Near-painless laser treatment for varcose veins is now available locally. Vascular and pigmented lesions, including leg veins, spider veins and telangiectasia, are now being treated – quickly, near-painlessly and effectively -right here in the UAE through the application of fourth generation laser technology. Most importantly, this technology makes such treatment possible on all skin colours, …

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Henna Painting

When Henna Painting can really get under your skin THE next time you decide to get a henna design think twice – you might just end up with more than what you paid for. Skin specialists in Sharjah report a number of cases where patients complain of skin inflammations, oozing, swelling and permanent skin discoloration …

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Ethnic Cosmetics

Conventionally ‘Race’ is defined as a group of individuals or populations with the same or similar external characters which have been determined by heredity. Racial differences in skin physiology and function have been minimally investigated. It is difficult to compare the potentially different behaviour of White, Black & Oriental skins precisely because of lack of …

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Skin Science

SKIN SCIENCE……….KNOW YOUR DERMATOLOGIST The other day , I happened to be filing away my previous articles when I noticed that in each article I had written ‘ see your dermatologist ‘. This set me thinking as to why I had found it necessary to say this. This was a subconcious thought which was penned …

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