Skin Care


A cosmetic is defined as a ‘ beautifying substance or preparation’ or a ‘ substance tending to preserve, restore or confer comeliness’ (Dorland Medical Dictionary). This article aims at inculcating a rudimentary understanding of the types of cosmetics, their use, their storage & their possible side effects. What is the shelf life of cosmetics ? …

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Foot Care

Do not touch your feet to the ground, they will soil. Let flowers be strewn where you walk so that you will feel only their softness, which still cannot match the softness of your delicate feet ‘. These words were uttered by a romantic to his beloved in a popular Hindi film & since then …

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Soft Hands

Petal Soft Hands, are every woman’s dream & not so difficult to attain if one understands the causes of Hand Eczemas & follows few simple remedial measures. Hands & Nails are maximally exposed to varied Physical & Chemical Abuse in the course of carrying out our day to day activities either at home or at …

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Diaper Rashes

BABY BLUES… Diaper rash……accounts for 7 to 16 % of paediatric dermatology cases worldwide. What is Diaper Rash ? Diaper dermatitis as we call it is a primary irritant contact dermatitis. this is caused due to maceration of the skin, friction & contact with Faeces & urine associated with poor hygiene. The ph of the …

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Skin Care II

80% of the patient populace here has some complaint or the other related to skin colour. This ranges from people who want to become Fair drastically to those who have brown-black marks on the skin. A smaller percentage of the patients want to have an even skin colour & not ‘Shades’. Just proves how aware …

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Skin Care I

Dry skin or xerosis is probably one of the most common skin problems in the world. It is even more so in persons above the age of 65yrs (70% or more). Xerosis is more bothersome in winter season because of the decreased temperature & humidity in the environment. Urbanisation & development in countries has lead …

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