The skin is the largest organ in the body which can be seen and hence reveals age and state of health. It not only reflects signs of environmental abuse but also reveals the state of the inside of your body. Hair, nails and mucous membranes are all extension of our dermatology environment, so for proper scientific guidance in matters of skin health and beauty care, a visit to Dr. Minal Patwardhan's clinic will be beneficial to those who believe on helath care.
Minal Specialised Clinic Dermatology counsel patients on normal routine skin care as per their skin type.
Whether you have acne, mature skin, super sensitive, dry or oily skin, our trained aestheticians administer the perfect treatment to help you look your best and feel relaxed.
In children - eczema, red rashes, diaper rashes, infection and scalp problems and viral skin infections are also treated at Minal Specialised Clinic Dermatology.
In order to fix an appointment, please email us or make an appointment online.