Minal Medical Centre was started in 1997 by Dr Minal Patwardhan,  MBBS. MD (Skin ,Venereology and Leprology), DVD ( skin and VD). Today it has become MINAL SPECIALISED CLINIC DERMATOLOGY
» The main aim in setting up the centre was to provide quality and comprehensive treatment for all skin,    nails and hair diseases and disorders.  
» In addition the centre provides treatment for all venereal diseases and infectious diseases related to the    skin.
» The centre was the First Dermatological establishment in Asia and the Gulf to start Laser Hair removal in    UAE in 1997.
» The clinic since then has grown by leaps and bounds over the ensuing years with a wide based practice    draining patients from every Emirate. Also the reputation has spread so as to boast of clientele from    Pakistan, Oman , Saudi and ofcourse India.
» Our practice boasts of upto 35,000 satisfied client base till date.
Panel & Services
Dr Minal Patwardhan is a member of the American Academy of Dermatology, 
The European Academy of Dermatology,  
European society of Cosmetic Dermatology,
Indian Association of dermatology, leprology & Venereology,
Indian Society of Aesthetic  and surgical Dermatology.
She has presented papers, conducted workshops and taken lectures in subjects varying from Skin diseases to Lasers in dermatology which is her Superspeciality. This has been done so in India, Australia, Spain, South Africa etc
She was the first dermatologist to start with Laser Hair removal in UAE in 1997 when the FDA approvals were still hazy. She has trained in the same in USA, France and London.
Starting with the Alexandrite laser she has added to her armamentarium different lasers and now the Centre boasts of:
Lasers for   Hair removal, Tattoo removal, Pigmentation of varying origin,
                 Antiaging – Photofacial, Tissue Tightening.
                 Intense pulse light for acne, rejuvenation, hair removal and treatment of veins and capillaries.
                 Vela Shape for body contouring
Keeping in step with growing demand for cosmetology and beauty therapies ....But with a medical background, They have further expanded the practice brilliantly and now the Centre offers in addition

»  Mesotherapy
»  Botox  treatment
»  Fillers
»  Peels
»  Microdermabrasion
»  Dermalogica Facial treatments
»  Hydrafacial
»  Velashape...cellulite reduction
»  I-Lipomachine for cellulite and fat reduction
»  EMW (Dermalift) for Skin tightening, plasma peel.

The Centre has retained its dermatological background and all patients are treated by the doctors themselves.
Personal Professional and Quality Care is the Priority .
Telling the patients the truth is a Priority, no false promises but the untarnished truth. We keep patient Expectations at ground level even if it means a loss of revenue.
The centre does not limit itself to cosmetic services and has a full fledged dermatology practice where in they treat all types of skin diseases and disorders , in addition to doing minor surgeries within their scope and biopsies for diagnosis.
Future Expansion plan.
MINAL MEDICAL CENTRE will be setting up in Jumeirah, Dubai in the next 2 months as a Branch.
We are keen to expand further in dermatology to offer comprehensive advanced treatments for a variety of dermatological conditions as well as cosmetology related services for example:
melanocyte transplant for Vitiligo, surgical hair grafting/transplant and also offer sophisticated techniqiues of diagnosis like immunofloresence( not available in UAE presently)
The centre would also like to expand into other medically related fields as a variety of skin disorders are a reflection of an underlying health concern or many a times associated with skin issues.
We would be interested in investing to put up an establishment wherein the patients would get comprehensive care treatments and diagnosis and would like to include in practice a
General physician, Pathologist,  Plastic Surgeon, Gynaecologist and a Psychiatrist to begin with.
 This would encompass all interelated problems dealt with day to day. We are of the opinion that this would help in providing our patient a personal touch with a holistic approach.
In addition there is an aim to ultimately  set up a Medispa to include purely beauty treatments by highly qualified personnel or work synergistically with such an existing establishment. The spa element is much in need nowadays so as to destress an individual , pamper them to their liking and if this could be provided in addition to a medical setup wherein a variety of skin concerns as well as other medical problems could be addressed to it would be a one stop shop for the customer. Also at a Medispa we have no restriction as to gender of the patients so men and women can be treated by the staff. To combine The Medical and cosmetology and Professional Beauty therapies would really make this a one off Centre in The UAE. It would function strictly within the confines of the Ministry and muncipaliy Limits hence cause no concern to the owners.
Dr Minal Patwardhan
MBBS, DVD MD (Skin & Venereal Diseases) Cosmetology