Who don’t want to keep looking young, defying the signs of aging whether limited to skin or the whole body? As we get older we can all count on aging skin, but there are ways to slow down the aging skin process.
Skin rejuvenation program however, should not be limited only to specific treatment regimen only; rather it should be goal in formulating a comprehensive skin rejuvenation plan.
This involves patient education on factors affecting skin aging like sun exposure; lifestyles like diet, exercise, stress; habits like alcohol, smoking; daily skin care.
Hence it becomes imperative to address these issues when planning for a comprehensive antiaging treatment.
Aging affects all the layers of the skin from epidermis, dermis to subcutaneous fat layer and down to underlying muscles and bones.
Early signs are coarser dull looking skin, skin blotches, uneven skin tones, small dark spots around the eyes.
Late signs fine wrinkles and small blood vessels will start appearing.
Advance signs include deep wrinkles, sagging/ laxity of skin in addition to above changes and changes in underlying bony architecture
In our clinic, we judge the degree of aging and decide the plan of management. Certain important points stressed are on daily sunscreen use, role of right moisturizers, vitamin/ antioxidant supplements.
For early anti aging, simple procedures like microdermabrasion (skin polishing), chemical peels, mesotherapy using collagen and hyaluronic acid products would suffice.
For later skin aging, we have advance light based and laser treatment and also procedures like dermaroller, botox and fillers.
The idea that there is nothing we can do about aging is scientifically obsolete. Causes of aging can be at least partially counteracted. And with latest effective tools for partially reversing or preventing aging being available, you can look forward to looking younger, more graceful and confident.